House of Waiting by author Marina BudhosHouse of Waiting tells of Sarah Weissberg, a sheltered Orthodox woman swept into a stormy romance with Roland Singh, a charismatic Indian man from British Guiana. The two are are drawn together by their passion and shared sense of being outsiders in 1950s America. When Roland leaves Sarah in New York to seek his destiny in a bitter political struggle, Sarah creates her own home with his immigrant friends in upstate New York. There she learns the lessons of waiting and politics. And it is there, finally, that Sarah must decide whether to embark on a dangerous trip to save her marriage and learn the truth about her husband.

Based on actual historical events, House of Waiting is a sensitively drawn tale about exile and love; a struggle against the past to forge a new home.

“This debut clearly marks Budhos as a writer to watch.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“House of Waiting is a wonderfully rendered and moving novel.”
–Oscar Hijuelos

“Budhos makes vivid the conflicting loyalties of family, race and nation … with insight, humor and tenderness. A terrific debut.”
–Rosellen Brown

“Tackling the theme of cultural differences, the author exhibits a rich style and skillful insight into her characters that will enchant readers.”
Library Journal

“Budhos’ first novel resonates eloquently with the themes of racism, cultural displacement and longings for Utopia …a subtle lyrical imagination …”
Asia Week

“House of Waiting is ambitious, covering wide far-reaching issues in a few hundred pages and touching the exiled selves in all of us.”
The Literary Review

“House of Waiting is Marina Tamar Budhos’ first novel, but it is evident from the beginning that this is the work of a consummate storyteller, adept at characterization and in love with language.”
The Caribbean Writer

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