Crossing Over aims to capture what all writers do: we cross over into territory both familiar and unknown.

Author and Speaker Marina BudhosI grew up in Queens, NY, in Parkway Village, a community built for U.N. families, and a haven for international, mixed, and American families during the ferment of civil rights and social change. Over the years I’ve come to understand that this sense of crossing–over, of mixture, permeates my way of seeing the world. And it drives my writing too. I am an adult author who crossed over into young adult; a fiction writer who frequently crosses over into nonfiction; and a writer who loves to create worlds that capture these cultural complexities.

But I’m also leery of categories that can be too confining.

I have written books about immigrant and undocumented teenagers, surveillance, mixed race girls during school integration, a coming of age journey laced with philosophy and folklore, a love story set against a political struggle, the birth of modern photography, and the history of sugar. Who knows what’s next in crossing over?

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The Long Ride -Just Published!

The Long Ride by Marina Budhos - book cover“Readers will find a powerful window into the past and, unfortunately, a way-too-accurate mirror of the present. ” – ★ Starred Review from Kirkus Reviews

“The Long Ride is both beautiful and brave, grappling with urgent matters of racism and belonging while telling a universal story of friendship and hope. This book will inspire crucial debates about how to create a truly diverse world for all our children.” – Ruth Behar, author of Lucky Broken Girl

 “In this bold narrative, Marina Budhos provides a fresh look at the challenges and rewards of integration.” – Sharon Dennis Wyeth, author of The World of Daughter McGuireSomething Beautiful and other books

 Readers will identify with twelve-year-old Jamila’s struggle to find her place in her school, her community, and the world.” – Kristin Levine author of The Lions of Little Rock and The Jigsaw Jungle

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Eyes of the World – Best of 2017 Winner (named by Washington Post, Kirkus Reviews, School Library Journal, Chicago Public Library & More)

Eyes of the World - Robert Capa - Gerda Taro - book cover“This passionate, sprawling, multilayered biography begins like a Robert Capa photograph: right in the middle of the action. Readers are thrust into the D-Day landing, with all the terror, fatigue, bloodshed, and danger of that harrowing day as Capa photographs the Normandy Invasion.” ★ Starred Review from The Horn Book

“Collaborating as their subjects did, Aronson and Budhos (Sugar Changed the World) vividly and intimately recount the story of pioneering war photojournalists Robert Capa (1913–1954) and Gerda Taro (1910–1937).” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Rather ambitiously, Aronson and Budhos address the escalating tensions between socialist and fascist regimes, the emergence of photographic news magazines and compact cameras, and the lives of Capa and Taro into one seamless discussion.” ★ Starred Review, Booklist:

“This is a must-have purchase for high school libraries, and it may also be a surprise hit among readers of wartime adventure.” – BCCB

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 Watched – 2016 Pick, Notable Books for a Global Society

Watched by author Marina Budhos - book cover“A stirring novel about coming of age amid intensive police surveillance and racial profiling” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Budhos presents another effective coming-of-age novel, one that not only confronts without reservation the notion of Islamaphobia and issues of teenage identity but also tackles the grittier aspects of life in this post-9/11 era. What does it mean to belong to a family? a community? a country?” – Booklist

“Marina Budhos thoughtfully explores the complex and sometimes conflicting intricacies of a bicultural identity in this slow-boil tale. Naeem’s first-person narrative, strained with uncertainty, ramps up the tension: whom can he really trust, and does he have the full picture, or just the parts others want him to see?” – The Horn Book

“A fast-moving, gripping tale that conveys the sense of paranoia that comes from being watched constantly … a great choice for a book club or classroom discussion.” ★ Starred Review, School Library Journal

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