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marina budhos
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Marina Budhos has taught writing and literature at a variety of settings, such as Vassar College, City College MFA Program, Eugene Lang College, Goddard College MFA Program, the Writers' Voice, and elsewhere. She has also worked as an editor and contributing writer for numerous organizations, such as the San Francisco Arts Commission; Ms. Magazine; the National Council for Research on Women; the Forum on Women in Higher Education; and Careervision magazine.

She has provided assistance on novels, nonfiction, and memoirs, and has taught writing in universities and colleges for over 15 years. Some of the writers she has worked with include Karen Essex, author of the historical novels, Kleopatra and Pharoah (Warner Books), who also wrote the Kleopatra film script for Warner Bros; Jaime Manrique, Guggenheim fellow and author of Latin Moon In Manhattan (St. Martin's) and Our Lives Are the Rivers : A Novel (Rayo); Lisa Lerner, Just Like Beauty (Farrar, Strauss & Giroux); Sanjay Nigam, The Transplanted Man (Harpercollins); Anna Balint, The Horse Thief (collection of stories, Curbstone Press); Allen R. Kates, Copshock: Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (Holbrook Street Press); Dave King, The Ha-Ha : A Novel (Little, Brown). She has also worked with writers who have succeeded in getting agents for their manuscripts.

Ms. Budhos is currently not available for editing projects. However, she can recommend other accomplished editors and teachers.

For further information, please contact mbudhos@aol•com